Dear Colleagues,

As formalized into ISR Policy on June 1, 1997, the core of the scientific work completed at the Institute is the maintenance and expectancy of respondent confidentiality. Assurance of this expectation is vital to the research of all employees, non-employee affiliates, sponsors and respondents. To ensure this protection occurs, I am requesting that you complete the annual requirement of reviewing the Institute’s Policy on Safeguarding Respondent Confidentiality and sign the associated Pledge. It is important to complete this as soon as you can to comply with all relevant sponsor requirements.

Similar to last year, we are able to offer a format for reading the Policy and “signing” the Pledge through the ISR Intranet. To complete the process over the web, you will need your UM ID number. If you prefer, signing a paper copy continues to be an option. Signed paper copies of the Pledge must be turned into your Center Administrator. To sign the electronic pledge or download a paper version for signature, you can use the links provided via this page.

If you have any questions about the Policy content, please contact me or your Center Director. Your Center Administrator should be able to address any process concerns.

Thanks and best wishes.

Kathleen A. Cagney

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